Flying out of Port Allen Airport means No Waiting on the tarmac for commercial traffic to get out of the way.
Owners Dave and Donna Timko have over 20 Years Experience in aviation operations.
Enjoy the Incredible Views of all Kauai has to offer.
Fly with us to spend more time touring scenic areas - Longer Toursfor the same price as other tour operators.
Our state-of-the-art Airplane Tours provide an affordable option to an ordinary helicopter tour.
Our state-of-the-art Cessna 207 has No Middle Seats so everyone gets an over-size bubble window.

Deluxe Island Tour

Regular Rate $149
$99 Special Rate!

Deluxe Island Tour from Air Tour Kauai

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Sunset Cruise

$194 Combo Rate
Save $40!

Sunset Cruise and Air Tour Combo Package from Air Tour Kauai and Blue Dolphin Charters

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Zipline Tour

$222 Combo Rate
Save $35!

Zipline and Air Tour Combo Package from Air Tour Kauai and Outfitters Kauai

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Skydive Kauai

$329 Combo Rate
Save $45!

Skydive and and Air Tour Combo Package from Air Tour Kauai and Skydive Kauai

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Welcome to Air Tour Kauai

  • Air Tour Kauai Cessna 207
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Air Tour Kauai is the premier airplane tour company, offering an affordable way to see the spectacular views of Kauai.

More Air Time

Air Tour Kauai is the only airplane tour company that offers flights out of Port Allen airport, which is a small airplane airport with no commercial airliners. This ensures that your flight time is not spent waiting on the tarmac behind other aircraft or in a holding pattern.

State-of-the-Art Aircraft

Your tour begins in our new state-of-the-art Cessna 207 airplane, which is one of the safest, smoothest air tour planes ever designed. That is why it is the most commonly used aircraft for sightseeing in the Grand Canyon, Moab, and Niagra Falls regions.

Cessna 207s gained their popularity due to their sleek aerodynamic design, making it smooth-flying and comfortable. Other air tour operators on Kauai use square cargo aircraft, designed for cargo and not passengers, creating a bumpier flight. At Air Tour Kauai we never want you to feel like cargo.

Air Tour Kauai's Cessna 207 comfortably seats up to 6 passengers, making this is an adventure for the whole family to enjoy together. Every passenger is guaranteed their own over-sized bubble window, as there are no middle seats.

Enjoy the Breath-Taking Views

Our unique two-way intercom and noise-canceling headsets allow you to enjoy a quiet but informative interaction with your pilot/tour guide. Air Tour Kauai uses only the most experienced pilots who are also certified skydiving pilots, the most technically advanced pilots in aviation!

Check Out Our Kauai Activities Packages

Don't stop at an air tour! We have a variety of Kauai tour and activities packages available.

  • Zipline Kauai's treetops
  • Relax on a beautiful Napali sunset cruise
  • Take the leap at Skydive Kauai

Make your time in Kauai the most you can with Air Tour Kauai's Kauai tour packages!

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